Broadband Calling Features included in the phone and internet bundles:
Local Telephone Service
Voicemail (Basic)
Caller ID with name
Call Waiting Delux
Three-Way Conference Calling
Speed Dialing (8 List)
Call Forwarding
Call Return

*Customers who are not on the package (voice only) have to pay an additional price for calling features. 

Call Waiting

To answer incoming call, press receiver hook to put the call on hold; press the hook to return to the original call.

*20 --- Cancels Call Waiting

Call Screening

*60 --- Edit Call Screening List
Dial *60: Call Screening Instruction Options
Press 0 ---Repeat Instructions
Press 1 --- Review numbers on screening list
Press 3 ---Turn Call Screening On/Off
Press # ---Add # to list
Press * Delete # from list
Press 08 ---Delete all numbers from list

Priority Ringing

*61 --- Edit Priority Ringing List
Dial *61: PR Instructions

Selective Call Acceptance

*64 --- Edit List of Calls You Can Accept
Dial *64: Follow instructions to set up list

Reinstate Caller ID

Dial *65: Reinstate Caller ID

Repeat Dialing

Dial the # you wish to call (You will get a busy signal), hang up. Dial *66 (If the # is no longer busy, the call will be complete). Hang up (If the # is busy, you will hear a confirmation tone. You will hear 3 short rings to indicate the call is ready to go. Pick up and answer call

Repeat Dialing Deactivation

Dial *86: Deactivate Repeat Dialing
You will receive a confirmation message
Repeat Dialing will deactivate after 30 seconds

Call Return

Dial *69
(If the number is private, you cannot call back.)

Speed Calling

*74 or *75
Dial *74 or *75: To set up speed dial list
Listen for 2nd dial tone, dial the speed dial # you want assigned + the # you want on the list.
To make a speed dial call, dial the # followed by "#"
*74 or *75

Unidentified Call

Activate: *77
Listen for confirmation tone
Hang up

Deactivate: Dial *87
Listen for confirmation tone
Hang up
*77 or *87

Preferred Call Forwarding

Dial *83: Preferred Call Forwarding Instructions

Call Forwarding:
Busy Line

Activation: Dial *90 and enter the # where you want your calls forwarded

Deactivation: Dial *91 and listen for confirmation tone. Hang up
*90 or *91

Call Forwarding

Activation- Dial *95 and immediately enter the # where you want your calls forwarded (will be in effect when the other phone is answered). If the line is busy/no answer- repeat -when you hear confirmation tone, call forwarding is activated

Deactivation- Dial *96 and listen for confirmation tone. Hang up.
*95 or *96

3-Way Calling
Conference Calling

While connected to the first caller, press the hook once (this puts first call on hold -3 short tones/1 steady tone). Dial the second party. Once you get the second party on the line, press the hook again. If you've finished with the 3rd party, press the hook to disconnect them.

Call Transfer

Press the receiver button. Listen for the tone and dial the number you wish to transfer the call to. Listen for the ringing and hang up.