Planters Telephone Service

Establishing or Transferring Telephone Service

• To establish or to transfer new residental phone service, please call your local commerical office.

• To establish or transfer new business phone service, call or visit your local commercial office. To enable us to process your order to establish phone service, we will need to know your complete address, and how you want to be listed in the directory. We also need to know about previous telephone service in your name, and other credit information. We will ask for identification, and a number where you can be reached either at work or throuh a friend or relative until your service is established.

Installation Rates

Installation rates will vary with the needs of your service. There are many steps invovled in installing your phone service, but not every customer needs each step. The amount of work needed to install phone service for you will depend on the type of facilities and services you want.

Deposit Policy

Customers may be asked to pay a deposit to establish telephone service. The amount of your deposit is determined when you apply for service.

You Will Be Billed For Changes In Your Service

All changes, except termination of service, and disconnection of certain options, require a service charge. The amount you are charged depends on the type of change requested. Consult your service representative for different services.