Planters Long Distance

What You May Not Know About Long Distance Could Cost You.

If you're tired of menacing calls from distant strangers trying to sell you long distance service over the phone, come home to Planters Long Distance!

Our long distance service is plain and simple. All you pay is 10 cents per minute anywhere in Georgia, anywhere in the USA. And this rate is not for special times such as evenings, Sundays or holidays - but it's 24/7! Anytime of the day or night, seven days a week.

Some companies are going through great lengths to promote long distance service as "low as a nickel a minute."

But what you may not know could cost you later. There is usually a monthly base charge of up to $6.00 or more, plus you can pay a much higher rate for in-state calls. In some cases, as much as a quarter a minute or more!

In fact, you may be required to use a minimum number of long distance minutes each month.

At Planters Telephone, our subscribers are always our first priority. Always have been, always will be.

So when you sign-up for Planters Long Distance, you can rest assured there will be no hidden charges, no monthly usage requirements, no monthly add-on calls. If you're with another long distance company, you may be surprised to know you could be paying more for calls in Georgia than you're paying for calls to Hawaii - which can be costly and confusing.

Many telephone companies are more concerned about the bottom line and less concerned about their customers. But at Planters telephone, our priorities are much different. As a cooperative, we put our subscribers first. Always have, always will.

Take the Planters Long Distance Test

Take a close look at your current long distance bill. Add up all your long distance charges excluding any calls outside the United States - these are billed at a different rate depending on where you call.

Be sure to add any other charges such as universal access fee, schools, or library surcharge. The total is what you paid for your long distance service.

Next, add the total number of minutes that you talked long distance which can be easily found on your actual per minute rate.

Finally, if your actual per minute rate is higher than 10 cents per minute, then you should switch to Planters Long Distance.

The savings really adds up! So call us today at 912-857-4411.