PlantersNet Internet Service

DSL (digital subscriber line) service is provided over a customer's existing telephone line. It does not interfere with or limit the usage of a customer's normal telephone service. The DSL is bundled with PlantersNet Internet service as a single service offering.


There is a limitation of where the service can be provided. A customer must be within (3) miles of a switching office equipped with DSL equipment. Before selling the service we will need to "qualify" the customer by reviewing the facilities the customer is being served with.

It is Planters intent to provide this service to ALL customers. However, we have not completed our outside plant plan that will bring all customers within the three-mile loop limit. As we place more remotes in service, all customers can probably subscribe to this service. We will maintain a list of interested customers and notify them when we can provide them service. We will, within a two week period, give them a "best estimate" of when service will be available.

Installation will require a visit to the customer premise to verify the service is working and to install a "splitter" and to isolate the computer wiring from the telephone sets. As a result we will be limited on the number of service connections we can provide in any week. We ask for cooperation and understanding in this matter.

Speeds Up To
INTERNET A Up to 1 Mbps upstream
Up to 10 Mbps downstream
INTERNET B Up to 25 Mbps upstream
Up to 25 Mbps downstream
INTERNET C Up to 100 Mbps upstream
Up to 100 Mbps downstream


All charges will be billed to the customer on the Planters Telephone bill. These charges will appear as "PlantersNet DSL Service".

Customer Hardware Requirements

DSL service requires a different modem than analog dial-up Internet. This modem must be compatible with Alcatel G-Lite equipment. Brand names vary, but we have tested Alcatel and Efficient Network modems and found them to be compatible.

These modems are available at some larger computer stores and a few local establishments. These modems require a NIC card interface from the computer. It is also recommended that the operating system be Windows 98 or greater (but is compatible with any Windows system) and that the system have a minimum of 64 MB of memory (RAM) and 128 MB is recommended.

Modem Compatibility

If you purchase your modem, it must have a virtual path of 0 and a virtual channel of 35. Make sure that the modem you purchase has these setting before you buy it. If the modem doesn't, it will not work with PlantersNet DSL.